Buyer’s Guide

Year in and year out LUXRE International and its partners have consistently served more clients than 99% of other real estate teams and agents across our locations in the United States. We continue to grow and expand each year as we attract highly talented real estate professionals across the


LUXRE and its partners are focused on ALL real estate matters from equity/traditional home sales to short sales (among the best in the nation), from investment purchases to property management, from first-time buyers to seasoned home buyers, as well as new construction and builder sales.


We have trusted partnerships across the United States in Lending, Title, Homeowners Insurance and Home Warranties to serve our clients and provide the very best options for their real estate needs.

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The LUXRE eXperience is designed to give you a custom buying eXperience with eXclusive access to homes, industry-leading technology, and guidance from a top producing agent educating and empowering you to make better real estate decisions.

The Home Buying Process

Opportunity Abounds

Buyer’s Market – Buyers have more strength in the offer and negotiation for the purchase of a home in a Buyer’s Market. Due to a higher supply of available homes and a lower number of buyers looking to purchase, Sellers are more willing to make concessions to sell their home. A typical Buyer’s Market is when there are 6+ months of housing supply.


Seller’s Market – A Seller has more strength in the offer and negotiation for the sale of their home in a Seller’s Market. A low supply of homes and a high number of buyers creates scarcity and urgency in buyers, and a seller can then negotiate more favorable terms. A typical Seller’s Market is when there are less than 4 months of supply.

Price Point Caveat – The price point of a home, or just its location, can cause a shift from a Buyer’s to a Seller’s Market and vice versa. For example, you may have a Seller’s Market for homes under $350,000 but a Buyer’s Market for homes over $500,000 in the same city.

The Deal With Down Payments

Questions to Consider
During Your Home Search

Where To Find Properties

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The LUXRE of sites have direct data feeds into the MLS providing up-to-date and timely information beyond what you find on Zillow.

Our site is mobile responsive and optimized meaning it is built to be accessed on a PC and your mobile device. On our site you get a custom portal for you to log in, create personal searches, and receive alerts when properties meet your criteria. Best part is I am tied to that search and not only receive alerts but I can suggest properties to you as well

4 out of 5 buyers started their home search by looking at homes for sale on the Internet.
of Buyers used the Internet during their search process.

Don’t want to spend the time searching online? That’s great too! I am the local expert and have information on homes before they are online. My job is to help you make the best decision, so use me as a trusted adviser.


The majority of buyers use both the internet and their agent to successfully purchase their home. Using the app or email notifications can help keep me, as your agent, in the loop on your favorites.

Buying Your Home


If finding a home is the fun part, then writing the offer is when things start to get really exciting! Though there are more challenges in this stage of the process, you are one step closer to owning your home. Anyone can find a home they love, but as your agent, I can help you write a competitive offer and get through the sometimes choppy waters from the time you go under contract to when you get
the keys.

What's the Right Price?

The right price fairly reflects the market value of the home you want to buy. To find this price, I will pull together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is a set of Multiple Listing Service (MLS) records about recently sold homes that resemble the one you want in size, condition, location and amenities.

Timeline To Table


Home Warranty & Inspections

Home Warranty

The last thing you need to worry about when buying a new home is the unexpected cost of repairing or replacing appliances or mechanical systems. When you buy a home with an HWA 13-month home warranty, your worries disappear. We cover your new home’s systems and appliances and provide expert service technicians to solve any problems. The typical cost for a 12-month home warranty is $500-$700. HWA gives you an extra month for the same price


This is going to be one of the largest purchases you will ever make! Therefore, we always recommend that you get a basic inspection from a licensed home inspector.


There are many additional inspections that might be needed: pest, swimming pool, sewer, radon and many more. Talk to your LUXRE eXpert for a local inspector referral


If you are financing your home, appraisals are an important step. A mortgage is a collateralized loan, which means if the borrower doesn’t pay then the bank will take back the house. This is why mortgage rates are less than others – it’s not just a personal promise to pay back the loan, the bank will still get something even if the homeowner defaults. To make sure the home value is in line with what you are paying for it, the bank orders a third party to check. These are called appraisals. In a market where prices are appreciating quickly, appraisals can be a challenge.

They Are Different

The appraisal and inspection are different,
but can sometimes be confusing.


An Appraisal is not an inspection. Many buyers mistakenly assume an appraiser is hired to protect their interests. Actually, an appraiser is hired by the lender to protect the bank.


A home inspector is hired by the buyer to produce a detailed report about the condition of the home to protect you from buying a problem you didn’t know about.

About KW


Keller Williams is not your traditional Real Estate company. That is why it is not surprising that it is the fastest growing real estate company in North America. Our phenomenal growth is only part of the story:


• Largest independent real estate franchise

• A network of over 180,000 real estate consultants

• 1,000+ offices in the US and Canada (50 Major Markets)

• Excellence in cutting-edge real estate technology

Most Innovative Real Estate Company – Inman News


• Leading-edge tech tools and training give me the edge in effectively marketing your property online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Through KW’s exclusive Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS), your property is fed to more than 350 online search engines and available on KW’s Web network of more than 76,000 sites.

• Best of all, because of Keller Williams Realty’s “My Listings, My Leads” philosophy, every single Internet inquiry on your property will come directly to me so that I can follow up quickly on potential buyers for your property.


• Keller Williams Realty was designed to reward agents for working together. Based on the belief that we are all more successful if we strive toward a common goal rather than our individual interests, I’m confident that every Keller Williams professional shares the common goal of serving you, my client, in the best way possible.


• Keller Williams Realty helps me stay ahead of trends in the real estate industry through its comprehensive, industry-leading training curriculum and research resources. It’s what prepares me to provide you with unparalleled service.


• Founded on the principles of trust and honesty, Keller Williams Realty emphasizes the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing, always putting your needs first. It reinforces my belief that my success is ultimately determined by the legacy I leave with each client I serve.


• I’m proud to work for the fastest -growing real estate company in North America and the largest real estate company in the United States. It’s proof that when you offer a superior level of service, the word spreads fast.